Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Orb Weaver Family

Juvenile Orb Weaver, Araneidae
Associated with the classic orb web they weave, the Orb Weaver family is spread throughout the world. There is great variation in size and appearance within the Araneidae family and significant distinction between genders. While the smaller males wander to find a mate, the larger, and often more colorful, female spins her web. If prey is abundant and good support is to be found, the orb weaver will spin a web in any habitat. Most sightings occur in summer or fall when adults reach their largest size. Although they can be sizable and extraordinary in appearance, these spiders are quite docile and non-aggressive. A bite most often occurs due to provocation, posing only a threat of a bacterial infection. Charlotte A. Cavatica of Charlotte's Web is a barn spider, a member of the orb weaver family.